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What are tensile testing standards?

International organisations such as ASTM, BSI, DIN, ISO, EN and MIL develop a wide range of tensile testing standards. There are also many specially developed in-house company standards for product, component and material tensile tests.

Mecmesin has extensive experience in developing solutions for internationally recognised and in-house tensile testing standards.

MultiTest with ELS loadcell performing tensile testing on rubber dumbell sample (standard XYZ123456)
MultiTest with ELS loadcell performing tensile testing on rubber dumbbell sample (ASTM D412)

Common tensile testing standards

Some of the most common tensile testing standards we're asked about by our customers include...


  • ASTM D412Vulcanized rubber and thermoplastics - tension
  • ASTM D882Tensile properties of thin plastic sheeting
  • ASTM D2105Longitudinal tensile properties of fibreglass (GRP) pipe and tube
  • ASTM D3574Flexible cellular materials - slab, bonded, and molded urethane foams
  • ASTM D5034Breaking strength and elongation of textile fabrics (grab test)
  • ISO 527-5Plastics - determination of tensile properties - Part 5: Test conditions for unidirectional fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) composites
  • ISO 1924-2Paper and board - determination of tensile properties - Part 2: Constant rate of elongation method
Mecmesin provide tensile testing solutions including the designing and developing bespoke solutions based on your requirements

How can we help you?

We work with our customers to interpret the requirements of the standard and, for many common tests, we have a range of pre-configured solutions.

Bespoke development

For more specialised requirements, as well as products and components that are harder to 'grip' securely, we provide a custom design service to develop bespoke grips and fixtures.

What do our customers say?

The Mecmesin machine is a great piece of kit – it has allowed us to move forward with our research in a very productive way, and we are grateful for the excellent technical support that has come with it.

Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences
The University of Nottingham

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