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Practical applications for tensile testing

Tensile testers are used to measure the strength of products and components or the properties of materials.

Tensile testing is commonly carried out on objects like textile attachments, welded connectors and fastenings, adhesive joints and seals.

The packaging industry for example use automated tensile testers to measure the force needed to open flip-cap containers, pull-out stoppers etc.

The application areas are almost limitless across all industries!

Many applications have complementary compressive tests (eg push and pull to check opening and closing characteristics).

Where both tension and compression measurement of a product is required, then a tensile tester or universal testing machine (UTM) fulfils both these requirements.

Since the shapes and features of manufactured products are so variable, and can be awkward to grip without deformation, Mecmesin regularly design and develop custom fixtures for individual products.

Materials testing goes further and usually requires measuring the full tensile properties of a material such as its elastic modulus, rather than just the ultimate tensile strength.

Materials testing standards will often call for the measurement of stress/strain and typically define the specimen dimensions and recommended grips to be used.

OmniTest - Twin-column materials tensile testing solution

Common industry applications for tensile testing

Tensile testing equipment and solutions for aerospace applications


Pull strength of crimped and ultrasonically-welded wire terminals

Tensile strength of composite materials

Operational effort of aircraft seats, head- and arm-rests, tray-tables

Bearing fitting strength for rotor assemblies

Adhesive pull and peel strength testing of composite parts

Case studies: Explore some examples

Tensile testing equipment and solutions for automotive applications


Quality assessment through tensile testing of...

Interior fittings:

  • airbags
  • dashboard controls
  • electrical wiring harnesses
  • handles and levers
  • laminated trim
  • seals
  • seatbelts and mechanisms

Exterior fittings:

  • bumper moulding and trim
  • door and window seals
  • emblems and number plates
  • mirrors
  • fuel and mud flaps
  • damper springs

Case studies: Explore some examples

Tensile testing equipment and solutions for electrical and electronic applications

Electrical and electronics

Connector insertion & withdrawal force

Pull-off forces of crimped, welded or soldered electrical contacts

Shear and pull-off strength of PCB components

Peel strength of laminated PCB tracks

Case study: Tensile tester for PCB copper track 90 degree peel (IPC-TM-650)

Tensile testing equipment and solutions for safety, health, fitness and leisure applications

Safety, fitness and leisure

Tensile testing of safety support netting

Muscle strength rehabilitation testing

Elastic properties of racquet strings

Synthetic sports surface tuft pull-strength

Case study: Tensile tester for construction safety netting certification (BS EN 1263-1)

Tensile testing equipment and solutions for medical and medical devices applications

Medical and medical devices

Hypodermic needle-to-hub retention force

Tensile strength of medical tubing, bandages and tapes

Joint strength of IV connector fittings

Tensile strength of suture material and knotting

Elongation and tensile strength of surgical gloves

Mechanical strength of orthopaedic implant components

Case study: Medical pouch heat seal joint (BS EN 868-5)

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Tensile testing equipment and solutions for packaging and packing materials applications

Packaging and packing materials

Opening force of snap-caps and ring-pull closures

Adhesive peel strength of tapes

Elongation of plastic packaging materials

Friction and tensile strength of flexible plastic film

Weld and seam strength of plastic tubes

Case studies: Explore some examples

Tensile testing equipment and solutions for pharmaceutical product and packaging applications

Pharmaceutical products and packaging

Pull off force of phial and capsule caps

Delamination peel strength of transdermal patches

Seal and peel integrity of sterile packaging

Strength testing drug-delivery devices

Blister pack tear strength

Case studies: Explore some examples

Tensile testing equipment and solutions for plastic, rubber and elastomer applications

Plastics, rubbers and elastomers

Joint strength of interlocking plastic components

Weld and seam strength of plastic tubes 

Yield strength of rubber and plastics

Tensile strength of rubber gaskets

Peel testing laminated plastic ID cards

Case study: Tensile tester for rubber gaskets and polymer materials

Tensile testing equipment and solutions for textiles applications


Pull-off characteristics of attachments (buttons, stitched-on decorations, press-studs)

Operational force testing of zips, hook-and-loop fasteners

'Grab test' strength testing of stitched seams

Tensile strength of synthetic filaments

Automotive textile strength test (airbags, seat fabrics)

Case study: Tensile testing leather to international standards for strength, elongation and tear resistance methods (ISO 3377-2, ISO 23910, ISO 3376)

Tensile testing equipment and solutions for paper and board applications

Paper and board

Openability of card and paper based packaging

Fold strength characteristics of boxes and cartons

Tear force to separate perforated multi-part documents

Tensile strength of paper and card

Case studies: Explore some examples

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