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Tensile testing
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Tensile test types

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Tensile test examples and product videos

Case studies and customer examples

Medical pouch heat seal joint


Rocket Medical PLC are award winning designers and manufacturers of medical devices for a wide range of clinical applications. These medical devices are packed into prepurchased pouches and sealed in-house before being sent offsite for sterilisation. The heat seal on these pouches must conform to British Standard BS EN 868-5:1999 (Packaging materials and systems for medical devices which are to be sterilised).

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In order to meet the British Standard regarding heat seal strengths on medical pouches, Mecmesin provided an operator-friendly system, which displays data in graphical format to clearly show compliance to the standard.

David Dixon, Quality Assurance Technician
Rocket Medical Plc

Force testing for watch components and attachments


The time displayed on our mobile phones and other digital devices will always be more accurate than the time displayed on even the most skilfully engineered mechanical watch—so why does the watch industry continue to thrive? Maybe because “It’s nice to have something mechanical when you’re surrounded so much by the digital world.”

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Wire strength test configurations for optimum accuracy


Gripple Ltd. design and manufacture fabricated metal products used extensively in the Building Services, Agriculture, Civil Engineering, Viticulture and Seismic Construction sectors. The company originated through innovation in the field of fasteners for wires—which “grip” and “pull”—and these components feature in award-winning solutions for clamping, seismic bracing, suspension and hanging system applications installed anywhere from schools to supermarkets.

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Prior to Mecmesin we would have tied the wire rope in a choke knot to perform the test, but now with the rope grips we are able to test more accurately the performance of the wire rope.

Thomas Reynolds, Testing Manager
Gripple Ltd.

Tensile tester for PCB copper track 90 degree peel


Cambridge Nanotherm Ltd produce a unique, technologically-advanced substrate for the thermal management of electronic components. Their patented Nanotherm™ technology creates a nano-ceramic dielectric layer on the surface of an aluminium substrate onto which a circuit layer is formed. Metal-backed printed circuit board (MBPCB) products utilise this process to provide an industry-leading low thermal resistance and the ability to significantly reduce component operating temperature.

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Having an in-house test capability is essential when developing new processes and products. Having the Mecmesin tester at Cambridge Nanotherm has allowed us to reduce test cycles significantly. The software package also gives us the ability to analyse the subtle differences in adhesion mechanisms and also gives us the ability to produce detailed reports for our suppliers and customers.

Steven Curtis, Chief Engineering Officer
Cambridge Nanotherm Ltd

Spider silk tensile strength and toughness tests


The University of Nottingham is a global education facility – with campuses in the UK, China and Malaysia.

The School of Life Sciences, within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, has a depth of expertise in molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, pharmacology, physiology, anatomy and zoology, which puts the University of Nottingham at the forefront of biological and medical science research.

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The Mecmesin machine is a great piece of kit – it has allowed us to move forward with our research in a very productive way, and we are grateful for the excellent technical support that has come with it.

Dr Sara Goodacre, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences
The University of Nottingham

Battery terminal weld integrity tensile test


BMZ is one the largest European suppliers involved in the design and manufacture of specialist custom made battery systems for mobile power applications.

As part of their production process, BMZ Poland in Gliwice needed to test the integrity of the welding on electrical connections fixed to each end of one of their rechargeable cells. Each connection is welded in two places, and BMZ needed to know that both welds have been made correctly. The tests needed to be made on the shop floor close to the production area.

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The MultiTest 2.5-i is very reliable and we have had no problems since we purchased it. Because it’s failure-free, accurate and has intuitive operation (very user-friendly software) it’s superior to the older control system from another supplier. It’s also worth to mention the after-sales support from ITA, Mecmesin’s Polish Distributor, is quick and efficient.

Miroslaw Bratus, Production Purchase Coordinator
BMZ Poland Sp.z.o.o.

Tension and crimp strength tester for bullet extraction and seating force testing


When making ammunition, the projectile is set into the casing and it is crimped or sealed in place. The "neck" of the cartridge has natural tension but the crimp/sealant does the bulk of the work in keeping the projectile in place. It sets the minimum force needed to extract the bullet and serves to lock the case mouth inside the bullet cannelure thus protecting against crimp jump and bullet setback.

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Cosmetics brush pull-out testing

Customised engineering example

Our client is a major cosmetics company using a variety of brushes for all applications and wished to tensile test the integrity of the bristles.

Gripping the awkwardly-shaped handles and bristle tips in a repeatable way, demanded more than a single standard vice grip.

Mecmesin designed a system of overlapping plates with cutouts for each brush head profile. The plate served to gather and trap the bristles uniformly in a vice action so that they were axially aligned under the loadcell.

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Tensile tester for construction safety netting certification


IPS Safety Netting supplies and installs thousands of safety nets for the construction industry. The nets are used for arresting falls and for protection from falling debris. Each net is tracked, repaired and tested for strength, against the manufacturer’s criteria for withdrawal, and industry standard BSEN 1263-1. Age, wear and tear and UV degradation all reduce the strength of nets over time. The company needs to guarantee compliance with standards for all of its nets, all of the time.

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Prior to purchasing the machine, test patches were taken off safety nets before their due date and kept until a batch were sent to our suppliers, which involved parcelling up and visiting the post office to send away for testing. This was time-consuming and expensive. Now we can test as and when required. We chose Mecmesin because they were the most helpful when enquiries were made.

Ian Semple, Director
IPS Safety Netting

Tensile tester for rubber gaskets and polymer materials


British Gaskets are a major manufacturer of gaskets, sealing products and mouldings. These are made from a variety of materials to suit a range of applications. British Gaskets required a test system to ensure the rubber and polymer materials Neoprene, Viton, EPDM and Silicone meet their quality control standards and were fit for purpose.

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We use the Mecmesin MultiTest 10-i system to perform regular quality control tests to guarantee the quality of our supplied materials. Mecmesin provided us with a cost-effective solution to our needs and exceptional customer service. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies with materials testing requirements.

Michael Hubbard, Business Quality Manager
British Gaskets Group

Tensile tester for crimped cable connector pull-off force


Amphenol is a global interconnect specialist; a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high-performance interconnect systems.

Among its key markets are military and aerospace, requiring the ultimate in quality and reliability for safety-critical and harsh environment applications.

The company already utilised Mecmesin products, however, the load capacity of Amphenol’s in-house equipment was such that components with pull-off forces greater than 5 kN had to be sub-contracted out for testing.

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Purchase of the MultiTest 50-xt has allowed us to extend the range of products we can test in-house and obtain more information about the failure mode of the samples.

Erica Moore, Test and EHS Manager

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