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Tensile testing fixturesCosmetics brush pull-out testing

5 December 2019

Customised engineering example

Our client is a major cosmetics company using a variety of brushes for all applications and wished to tensile test the integrity of the bristles.

Gripping the awkwardly-shaped handles and bristle tips in a repeatable way, demanded more than a single standard vice grip.

Mecmesin designed a system of overlapping plates with cutouts for each brush head profile. The plate served to gather and trap the bristles uniformly in a vice action so that they were axially aligned under the loadcell.

A lathe-chuck grip held the handle securely for reliable and accurate pull-off testing.

Tensile testing fixtures

OmniTestSingle-column materials tensile tester


A versatile and easy to use materials tester powered by our newly developed materials testing software, VectorPro MT.

  • Quality control environments
  • Research and development labs
  • Capacities: 5 kN, 7.5 kN
  • Materials tension and compression
  • Extensometry

Higher capacities are available in our OmniTest twin-column.

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